Merger IT Services

Professional Services
Our value in delivering services is driven by our people.

Every one of our consultants is assigned to deliver services within specific solutions based on their unique skills and experience. By allowing individuals to specialise within appropriate solution-sets and interrelated technologies, we build a level of expertise most services organisations simply cannot offer.

You can rely on our Professional Services team and our global network of service delivery partners to work with your team to:

  • Assess your current environment to align your technology and business requirements
  • Build a project plan tailored to your requirements with clearly defined expectations
  • Successfully configure, integrate and deploy the solution for maximum results
  • Manage the change management and rollout for your organisation  
  • Provide knowledge transfer and promote user adoption for full value
  • Ongoing support

Merger IT provides end to end solution for including Quest licencing.

Quest Licensing
As a Quest Partner we can supply you with the end-to-end solution including Quest Software licensing.

We can give you the best value solution as a “one stop shop”, by utilising our years of experience and give you insights to what will be best for your company.

We work closely with Quest gaining latest product knowledge and information.  By being dedicated to Quest, we have carefully chosen the best products for your business which we support throughout the lifetime of your product support.

After buying the licenses, our support does not stop there.  We will be with you every step of the way.
Product Support
Ongoing product support for Merger IT Tools, and Quest tools ensures you have the required backup you need to ensure your business runs smoothly.

We will be there through the entire lifecycle of your project, including post project as part of your Business as Usual (BAU) activities ensuring you are getting what you expect out of your products.

We believe in your business success and will work collaboratively and transparently to make this happen.​