Merger IT Tools - to speed up your Merger
A selection of Tools and Services to complete your Merger quickly and smoothly.

Our Tools been developed, tested and used in organisations including: FTSE 250, Banking, Public Broadcasting, & Retail organisations.   They are proven.

For your Merger requirements we are most likely to have a tool at the ready, saving your organisation time and money, accelerating your M&A or Migration.

All our tools have been tried and tested and we have proven results which we can discuss with you.
  1. Due-Diligence
    Quickly understand more about your organisation, your users and computers? Then this is the Tool for you ! It will provide you with information instantly, including the status of users and computers. It will help you plan your migrations and provide you with a better understanding about your Active Directory accounts. 0.5 Day Free | Business Benefit * * * *
  2. Combine & Collaborate
    Combine & Collaborate
    Have you recently acquired a company and need to add the new organisations contact details in your Global Address List quickly? Then this is the script for you ! This tool will extract information from one organisation and will put the data into a format that you can easily import into your existing Global Address List. 2 Days | Business Benefit * *
  3. Email Migration with ease
    Email Migration with ease
    Do you need to migrate your employees onto a single IT platform? This is the tool you need to migrate your users with ease. This tool will batch up your users’ mailboxes and migrate them, notifying users their mailbox has been Synced and a controlled Completion step. Seamless email migration with fantastic user experience. POA
  4. Match Users to Computers
    Match Users to Computers
    Do you need to know which Computer your employees are using? Are the IT records out of date and you need to know the kit being used by your employees? Matching users and their computers is never an easy task. This fantastic tool will help you with one of the most critical steps in any merger or acquisition. 1 Day | Business Benefit * *
  5. Match Computer to Users
    Match Computer to Users
    Have you ever wondered who is using the Computers within your organisation? Do you need to know which machine an employee is using and what time they logged on? This tool is simply added to Group Policy will identify who is using which machine speeding up your discovery and identification phase. 1 Day | Business Benefit * *
  6. Pre-Migration Checks
    Pre-Migration Checks
    Have you got your migration activities lined up and ready to go? Do you now need to perform the final checks to make sure that all systems are GO at time of migration? This tool will check Computers are on, ready for migration tasks to commence, with accurate with minimised downtime. This tool is perfect when used with Quest Migration Manager. 1 Day | Business Benefit * *
  7. QCS to QMM Conversion
    QCS to QMM Conversion
    Do you need to understand more about migrating your systems from Quest Collaboration Server to Quest Migration Manager? This tool converts Quest Migration Manager ‘stub objects’ to ‘Mail enabled’ objects for Native move. Providing a seamless transition to using Quest Migration Manager, whilst retaining email flow GAL information - POA -
  8. Align logons with Email address
    Align logons with Email address
    Are your logon accounts inconsistent in their structure and naming conventions? Do you want all of your employees to have the same logon account structure whether they have joined via a merger or acquisition ? This tool will help you to achieve consistency for all your company logons by using consistent naming in your Active Directory environment. 1 Day | Business Benefit * * *
  9. Control with Custom Attributes
    Control with Custom Attributes
    Are your employees accounts structured differently and do they have different set values? This tool will enable you to effectively set values in Custom/Extension Attribute fields recording before and after conditions. It will mean that you are in control of changes. 1 Day | Business Benefit * *
  All of our tools have been developed using our extensive knowledge, experience and skills. They have also been thoroughly tested and have also already been used for our existing client base

This gives you the confidence that you are bringing in a company who can quickly and effectively work with you to identify your requirements and work with you to build a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.

By bringing in Merger IT you can get on with the task at hand knowing that you have brought in industry experts who can guide you through all stages of the process.

The skills, experience and tool kits that we bring with us reduces the time we need to mobilise and start working effectively for you.

We ask for 1 day on site to assist you to set up, meet with stakeholders and fully understand your challenges, goals and vision.

Our pricing mechanism shows you both the investment and the business benefit that our tools and expertise provide your organisation when engaging with Merger IT.

The following guide gives you a price indication for the fees +VAT.

         * - £750
         * * - £1400
   * * * - £2000​
* * * * - £2600
POA - Will require scoping and planning

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