"I have a script for that" which has become a catch phrase.  If you are needing Active Directory due-diligence quickly and accurately we can provide it.  Developed to be flexible and will provide your organisation with accurate and up-to-date information within an hour of running. 

Native email migrations? got it.  Migration preparation tasks? got that too.  Post migration tasks ensuring your users have a smooth transition, got that too.

Have a talk with us and I am sure we have something at the ready or a script adapted for your needs.  We will even provide you with a script and a half days consulting, just to show you what we can do for you.
Expidite your migration with our PowerShell Scripts
Save time and money using our created PowerShell scripts tailored for due-diligence and migration activities
IT Merger & Acquisitions
You've found the perfect acquisition to acquire, but have you factored the company's IT systems into the process? Surprisingly, this is one of the most common overlooks of setting up a business.

Merger IT prides itself on providing a smooth transition when bringing companies together.  With tried and tested processes and procedures, we have plans and experience that you will be hard pushed to get elsewhere.

Using industry proven toolsets and customised PowerShell Scripts to meet your tasks and business requirements.

Our Project management and end user communications will ensure your business is kept well informed and understand what is happening.

Merger IT's focus is the user experience.  If the user experience is positive, your company works in a positive mode doing what it does best, completing business.

Expecting to Divest parts of the organisation as well - even during the M&A ?  Not a problem.

We provide specialist, independent, expert advice and implementation to merge or divest two or more IT infrastructures with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption to the workflow. MergerIT work seamlessly together with your existing teams to deliver the best possible solution for future business growth, whilst allowing them to focus on business as usual.
Due Diligence
Due-diligence is critical before any migration activities start.  There are not only the technical challenges to ensure migrations are as smooth as possible, not impacting staff productivity.

Our reporting will give you the "lay of the land" very quickly.  Even to demonstrate what we can do for you we can run one of our scripts that will tell you exactly what is needed to be known for a migration.  We know this as our project managers use it every day for their preparation and reporting.

You need to know the scope who you are migrating, who is using which computer giving real-time logon information.  Where are the computers operating, are the technologies compatible, getting network information to check for any overlaps.

Ensuring your Exchange, Active Directory, the back bone of your organisation are going to be in good working order.

Working with your staff we will understand what needs to be done in this time of transition.

Book half a day due-diligence consultation and we will be able to provide you with very clear reports on your organisation.  Just to show you what we can do for you.
Mitigating potential risk by providing a comprehensive assessment of IT infrastructure. This service allows an organisation to understand if IT systems are an asset or a liability either in their own company or in one they hope to acquire. Knowing the current state of play allows companies to make informed choices, implementing an action plan where necessary.

Is there problem that no one has been able to fix, or have the time to focus on it?   Merger IT thorough and look at the problem as a whole, understanding what the problem is.  Working with your staff to fully understand what they are seeing and the business impact. 

We will work through the complexity in a diligent and careful fashion to ensure we get it right and won’t become yet another casualty.  We have seen it before - when problems get put into the 'too hard bin', costing the company money.

We love to take on challenges.  Often, we have taken on challenges quickly became experts and then provided the solution.  The way it should be.

An example; a large High St retailer had 4 consultancies spending 2 or more weeks trying to fix the problem.  Merger IT did it in 3 days !  We cannot promise this every time, but that is an example of what we are capable of.  
Fixing Complex IT Problems
Having problems getting to the root cause of issues?  Unable to secure the resources to completely focus on the problem at hand.   

Merger IT has unpicked some of the most complex situations where others have failed.  By providing the focus and connecting with people in your organisation, and will put in a remediation plan, which best works for you.